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image of Astrid Ansah

Astrid Ansah
Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Phonathon Operations at American University

If I could describe Clinton in one word, it would be “lifesaver.” I had the pleasure of working with Clinton during my first year as the phonathon director at American University and he was extremely helpful. As my first time managing a group of that size, Clinton not only led several training sessions for the students, but he also trained me on several methods. His onboarding process and positive attitude was exactly what I needed starting out. I recommend Clinton to anyone who wants to develop their call center or properly ease in a new staff member. Can’t thank you enough, Clinton!

image of Jackie Peterson

Jackie Peterson
Director of Annual Giving at the University of New Hampshire

I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Clinton for nine years during my time as a student at the University of Vermont's phone program and then at IDC and Harris Connect. To say he taught me most everything I know about higher-ed fundraising would be an understatement. Outside of being my direct supervisor for many years, he was always a mentor and a friend. His ability to connect with people is a true gift and has made him a successful professional and consultant. Every client I've ever known him to work with has raved about the value he added to their program. His instincts and perspective when it comes to building, evaluating, and managing successful fundraising programs is spot on and his training skills are the best I've ever seen. I have yet to see a program he's worked with not grow or improve under his counsel. Beyond his expertise of all things fundraising (literally), he is so fun to work with, which is important because fundraising should be fun! Any organization would benefit by having Clinton as an extension of their team.

image of Alisa Williams

Alisa Williams
Annual Giving Coordinator at Andrews University

Working with Clinton is an absolute joy. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable with an extensive background in fundraising, but the care and attention he brings to his work is unmatched in the field.

I've been working with Clinton for over two years now, and he has my highest recommendation. His services as a Phonathon consultant have proved invaluable to our University. In a time when Phonathon programs are floundering and some schools have pulled their Phonathon campaigns altogether, ours has continued to improve under Clinton's expertise.

My student callers look forward to Clinton's visit each year. The passion and energy he brings to Phonathon training enlivens the callers and gives them a solid foundation for their calling experience. I am continually getting positive emails and phone calls from donors who express how impressed they were with the student they spoke with - and Clinton deserves the credit for that.

I also greatly appreciate that Clinton keeps in touch with me and we discuss Phonathon on an ongoing basis throughout the year. He makes me and my program a priority and always has time for a quick question or a lengthy conference call. It is evident that he loves the work he does and cares about each college and university he works with, giving each one the time and attention they need to thrive.

I hope to continue working with Clinton for years to come!

image of Chrysti R. Britt

Chrysti R. Britt
Associate Director of Development at Metropolitan State University of Denver

I initially hired Clinton to assist in the creation and implementation of an in-house call center at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Little did I know that I would be getting so much more. Clinton lent his expertise in best practices; policy and procedure; hiring, retaining and mentoring employees; and calling techniques. His approach with the students was like no other - able to relate and effectively deliver his message to any person he encountered.

During the 4 years Clinton and I worked together managing the call center, Clinton also guided me directly on how to pursue personal solicitations. He provided me with relevant examples of the donor cycle, assisted me with conversational techniques and relayed this information to me in a manner that I understood. Clinton used my experience with Annual Fund to translate individual giving into an understandable language. Because of his training and mentoring, I soon received a promotion from annual fund to individual gift officer.

Clinton is well versed in the best practices of fundraising whether it is in phone-a-thon, annual giving, major giving or supervising a program. I have experienced, first hand, his individualized approach to ensure his training is relevant to the trainee and relayed it in a way that is completely tangible. He is highly approachable and always willing to go the extra mile to help his clients succeed. There is no doubt that without Clinton the call center would have struggled significantly and I would not have reached my professional goals as quickly.

image of Carissa Costello

Carissa Costello
Assistant Director, Phonathon at Trinity University

Clinton Crow has been a consultant for Trinity University's Phonathon going on 8 years now. When he first started working with Trinity, he mentored me in best practices, scripting, how to analyze reports and using that information to make the necessary changes to improve the program. He also led new and advanced caller training keeping the students engaged as he educated them on the purpose of Phonathon and how to make the best calls to our alumni and parent prospects. His enthusiasm and passion that he has when talking with both students and staff about fundraising is contagious. Trinity has recently hired a new Assistant Director for the Phonathon program and Clinton will be mentoring this new staff member and help continue the efforts of taking the program to the next level.

Clinton has worked with a variety of institutions which allows him to be able to provide insight and guidance and is truly a great resource. I would recommend him to anyone looking for consulting needs, whether it be to start a Phonathon or to revamp an existing program. Trinity's Phonathon, as well as my own fundraising skills, have improved tremendously thanks to his knowledge, mentor-ship, and enthusiasm.

image of Nicole Spencer

Nicole Spencer
Annual Fund Manager at Humboldt State University

I worked with Clinton for five years during my tenure at Humboldt State University. He was hired as our fundraising consultant initially to support the development of a brand new Annual Fund phonathon program, and then invited back annually to lead the phonathon caller trainings for 50 students/semester. His trainings were consistently engaging, humorous, and informative - an important mix since this was the first exposure to fundraising for most participants. His approachable training style helped even the most apprehensive students become willing to give it a try (many of whom soon discovered their own secret talent in fundraising after practicing the techniques). If anyone can get college students excited about raising money, it's Clinton!

By implementing his fundraising best-practices, we were able to take a $50,000/year phonathon program and turn it into $500,000/year. Not only do I value Clinton's fundraising expertise and counsel, he is gem of a person and a true pleasure to know and work with.

image of Brian Williams

Brian Williams
Vice President and Director, Faculty Development and Grant Programs at Associated Colleges of the Midwest

I was pleased to have the opportunity to work with and get to know Clinton as a result of hiring him to consult with The Children's Museum of Indianapolis' annual campaign. We were in the final stages of a $74M comprehensive campaign, and Clinton and his colleagues were instrumental in helping us to press the annual fund aspect of that goal as much as possible. He is smart, strategic, persistent without being overbearing, and goal oriented. Perhaps more important, he is effective in adopting your institution's mission as his own, becoming very familiar with what makes your organization tick as he proposes strategies and tactics.

Finally, Clinton is also full of integrity and a good conversation partner on just about any topic, work related or otherwise. I recommend him without reservation!

image of Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark
Telefund Coordinator at Humboldt State University

Clinton combines a results-based approach with a willingness to test new strategies. He's skilled in tailoring his approach to meet the needs of any particular organization. His depth of fundraising knowledge is exceptional and his analysis always served our institution well.

The best part? His customer service rocks--he'll bring more to the table than spreadsheet analysis and number-crunching. He'll work with you on your terms. And there's a good chance he'll exceed your expectations.

image of Alicia Barnes

Alicia Barnes
Director of Annual Fund at Saint Vincent College

Clinton was our Annual Fund/Phonathon consultant for over a decade at Saint Vincent College. Under Clinton's guidance and leadership our program continually exceeded expectations. He understands and respects the importance of data/analytics and the role they have in fundraising, which he and I agree is a critical element of success—especially in the world of annual fund and Phonathon. In addition, he routinely conducted new and advanced caller trainings. He helped students gain an understanding of philanthropy and the important role it plays at Saint Vincent. His trainings gave our students the ability to think on their feet, how to overcome objections and the confidence to solicit gifts.

During my time working with Clinton I gained so much knowledge about Annual Giving programs. It is obvious that he cares deeply about his work and will go above and beyond for the success of his clients. I will always be thankful for having the opportunity to work with him.

Clinton is an asset in any setting. He is someone I am proud to be able to call a true friend and I look forward to celebrating his future successes and the possibility to working together once again!

image of Casey Jacobs

Casey Jacobs
Director of Development, Annual Giving at American University

I have hired Clinton many times over the past 4 years to provide consulting services to our phone program. His professionalism and expertise cannot be matched. He has routinely conducted initial caller training for us with an enthusiasm I'm not sure anyone could duplicate. We have also utilized Clinton for advanced caller training, where he works with the calling cadre on areas that need improvement or the callers just need a little more confidence. His third party perspective and years of experience in the field often lead him to pick up on things that our stellar calling room leadership may miss.

I would recommend Clinton to anyone looking to breathe new life into their call center, has a strong program and is simply looking for any areas of opportunity, or has recently brought a new staff person on board to run the program. Clinton is a great mentor and friend for all calling program professionals. It's not unusual to get an email from Clinton in the middle of the night months after being on campus because he thought of something that might work great for our program. We value his insights and dedication to our success.

image of Carmen Mittler

Carmen Mittler
Annual Fund Phonathon Program Manager at Metropolitan State University of Denver

Clinton has a knack for non-profit fundraising consulting, the likes of which I have rarely seen; I’d swear his head is a vault! I have had the good fortune to work with Mr. Crow on multiple occasions, both in starting a Phonathon program from scratch and later for on-going consulting throughout calling sessions. Clinton used his flawless knowledge of industry standards to help shape a top-notch program for our specific needs and continues to works tirelessly to stay up-to-date on all things fundraising, so he can always offer the best advice possible. He goes above and beyond to serve his clients’ needs; I have sent many late-night emails over the years, to which there was often a response waiting in my inbox the next morning (or frequently even that night). I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a boost in their non-profit fundraising; from inaugural programs to well-established campaigns, and the entire gambit in between, Clinton is sure to be able to use his unique skills to assist!

image of Jake Hennekey

Jake Hennekey
Key Accounts Advisor at Dealer.com

I worked under Clinton From July 2005 until October 2009, though it felt more like I worked along side him. He's a pleasure to work with/for and his dedication to his work, clients and team is exemplary. Very engaging person with a contagious, positive attitude. Highly recommended as a part of any team or to represent your company.

image of Jeffrey Moreau

Jeffrey Moreau
Director of Development at Northwestern Medical Center

Clinton is an experienced "pro" at fundraising consulting. His counsel at the University of Vermont was always valued and respected, resulting in one of the most effective phone programs in New England for Universities of our size. Clinton also proved to be a great partner helping us integrate our direct mail and other fundraising programs. His passion and high integrity make him a valued asset to any organization.

image of Kevin Hyde

Kevin Hyde
Phonathon and Stewardship Programs Manager at Mills College

Clinton has helped provide fundraising consulting services for Mills College for a number of years and the work that he has done has always been exceptional. He has a remarkable depth and breadth of expertise--particularly when it comes to annual giving--and his advice is always sound. During my time at Mills College, Clinton has served as the consultant for our phonathon program. He has helped our office grow the program in a way that has positively affected results and in a manner that is very much in tune with the character of the institution. He is a font of good ideas; he understands the different challenges faced by colleges and universities and the ways in which those challenges can shape fundraising efforts, and he always offers well-reasoned solutions and courses of action. Clinton is wonderful to work with--both because of the way in which he conducts himself and for the outstanding results he produces.

image of Robb Stanek

Robb Stanek
Regional Sales Director at Powerhouse Dynamics

Clinton is the "Go To" person for fundraising expertise and annual fund salvation. During the time I was privileged to work with Clinton, I witnessed many programs he and his team took under their wing that produced phenomenal results for our clients! He is a walking fountain of knowledge and our clients would beg to have him provide consultation and training. This may sound over the top...trust me, he's the real thing. No one can work harder and smarter to ensure your fundraising success.

image of Andrew Warriner

Andrew Warriner
Account Executive - Recruitment at Austin American-Statesman

Clinton is truly a gifted consultant in the world of non-profit fundraising. He has an endearing quality that his client's appreciate, and his training methods and general counsel always produce results. He is a good mentor as well helping train multiple consultants during his years in TeleMax. Clinton is a tireless worker that will go the extra lengths to ensure his client's success; its the reason they continue to work with him year after year.

image of Dana DePasquale

Dana DePasquale
Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Chatham University

To say Clinton Crow has been a mentor to me in the seven years that I have had the pleasure to know him would be an understatement! I'm the young professional I am today because of him.

I met Clinton as a Student Caller at Saint Vincent College my first year as an undergraduate. I remember his Harris Connect Telemax "Initial Caller Training" like it was yesterday . . . He taught me how to communicate clearly, receive feedback willingly, think critically, and confront conflict constructively. $11,000 later, I was promoted from a Student Caller to a Student Supervisor, all thanks to his training skills.

When I reached my fourth and final year at SVC, I was ecstatic to learn that there was an opportunity to work alongside Clinton at Harris Connect as an On-Site Director at the University of Vermont Phonathon program. It was his exemplary leadership and detailed supervision that enabled me to successfully manage this calling cadre of 50+ students for two years.

Any nonprofit (whether it be a college, university, museum, theater, etc.) would be incredibly lucky to learn from Clinton Crow. He is a fundraising superstar!!!

image of Adam de la Pena - Gafke

Adam de la Pena - Gafke
Director of Annual Giving - Hoag Hospital Foundation

Having worked with Clinton for over a decade, I have seen first-hand the impact his talents and leadership had on fundraising and higher education annual giving programs. His ability to quickly teach students in campus call centers how to effectively fundraise over the phone is unmatched. Students always responded to his energy and the techniques he taught. The result was sustained increases in telephone fundraising.

Without exception, each client he served would specifically request to continue working with Clinton, and many remained clients for 10 or more years as a direct result of his involvement. As I've heard many clients say, 'Just hire Clinton, and your results will go up, and keep going up year after year!'

image of Stacy Fender

Stacy Fender
Philanthropy Professional

I owe much of my annual giving and general fundraising knowledge to my time working with Clinton, both through my time being supervised by him and then working for one of his clients. As if that wasn't enough, Clinton also brought a multitude of other skills to his work with me and everyone I saw him interact with. His ability to organize data and information to find sensible and promising solutions is second to none. His attention to detail and professionalism ensures his work can always be relied upon. Finally, Clinton's ability to manage relationships from all sides is masterful. I could fill a novel with what I've learned from Clinton Crow. Thank you Clinton!

image of Alan Eskandari

Alan Eskandari
Law Practice Professional

Clinton is one of the most effective communicators I’ve ever known. He understands how to motivate and his energy gets those around him excited to support a cause and work to achieve a common goal. Clinton is extremely creative, meticulous, and driven to achieve results. I highly recommend Clinton as his skills would be invaluable to any organization.